Top 5 Places to Dine in Nepal

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In addition to the natural beauty and sacred locations that Nepal is known for, this wondrous country also boasts some of the best places to eat. Visitors may be surprised to learn that many of Nepal’s restaurants serve diverse cuisine options from all around the world. Most of the top restaurants are located in the country’s capital city of Katmandu. Here are five of the best places to dine in Nepal:

Places Restaurant Read more…

Experience Nepal: Ride on a Rickshaw

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A rickshaw is an unusual form of transport for the Western visitor that is actually fairly common in Nepal. Buses in Nepal can be overcrowded and different types of taxis move along too quickly to see much. From a rickshaw, however, visitors can get a look at the city around them as they move along at a slower pace.

Most of Nepal’s major cities have rickshaw drivers. Rickshaws are generally inexpensive although prices may be a bit higher for tourists than for locals. Travelers should take the opportunity to Read more…

What is the National Animal of Nepal?

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The national animal of Nepal is the cow. Nepal’s populations is mostly Hindu, and in the Hindu religion, the cow is a sacred animal. Therefore, cows are not eaten and roam free throughout the streets of Kathmandu and other cities as well as the countryside. Throughout the country, they are seen as a symbol of life. Beef is not eaten in Nepal, and killing or even just injuring a cow can lead to a jail sentence.

Cows are described as sacred animals in some of the Hindu scriptures, and in Nepal, cows are associated with the goddess Read more…

Prepare for the Trip to Nepal

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How much do you really know about Nepal? Nepal can be an experience of a lifetime that you really want to remember for the right reasons. So maybe while you take the time to book the flight, pack your things, invest in a timer switch, look at security system specials in your area, put a hold on the mail and leave word with the neighbor – you might take some time to brush up on just where you’re going.

For example, did you know that the official language of Nepal is Nepali? Do you even know how to speak it? No one needs to be fluent in a language as a pre-requisite to travel – we’d have a lot less tourists if that were the case – but you should know a word or two. Maybe some choice phrases like “Where are the police?” “Where is the embassy?” Travel dictionaries can also help with that.

Did you know that the primary religion in the region is Hinduism? While perhaps not as rigid as some of the other world religions out there, you might just want to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts so you don’t inadvertently offend someone’s beliefs or sensibilities during the trip.

Top Resort in Nepal: Samsare Resort

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During a trip to Nepal, the Samsara Resort is a relaxing and convenient accommodation. Barely 3 miles from Kathmandu Airport the resort offers complimentary shuttle service to guests. Visitors will also appreciate the hotel’s location and access to a variety of attractions and sites.

Located in Nepal, Samsara Resorts is a popular destination for a wide range of travelers. The area has an intriguing history and provides a unique view of ancient cultures and wildlife. The city’s is mainly known as a popular destination for climbing Read more…

5 Animals You Must See in Nepal

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Nepal is home to some amazing species, many of which are endangered or threatened according to the World Wildlife Federation. Any nature lover should be sure not to miss these five impressive animals while on a trip to Nepal. Chitwan National Park in the southwestern portion of the country or Bardia National Park in Nepal’s western Terai are excellent places to take guided safari tours of the beautiful creatures living in their wild habitats.

1. Elephants are not Read more…

Top 5 Most Luxurious Places to Stay in Nepal

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Nepal is a spectacularly beautiful country in South Asia that is best known for its magnificent panoramic mountain views. Although the country is rather remote, there are still very luxurious places available for you to stay in while visiting. The following are five places for you to consider lodging in while visiting Nepal.

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

This luxury 5 star hotel is located in the city of Kathmandu very close to the city center and the airport. Also, it is near the Boudhanath Stupa, which is the holiest Buddhist temple that is not located Read more…

Explore Nepal: Visit the Garden of Dreams

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The Garden of Dreams is an enchanting escape. Despite being in the center of Kathmandu, Nepal, the garden is a completely tranquil, neo classical haven. The garden was originally built in the late 1800s as a wedding present from Chandra Shumsher Jang Bahadur Rana to his son, Marshal Kaiser Sumsher Rana. His son continued development for decades, and when finished, it was considered the most sophisticated private garden to date. The garden mixes western and eastern styles, featuring pavilions, waterfalls, verandas, trellises, pergolas, ponds, sculptures, and circular gates. Six freestanding pavilions were designed after each of the six Read more…

Top 5 Nature Attractions in Nepal

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The South Asian country of Nepal is rich in natural attractions. Tourists have come to see the breathtaking tall mountains, abundance in wildlife and vegetation. The large land mass with various climate zones have made this country a very interesting place to visit. These natural attractions will provide an unforgettable experience during your trip.

Chitwan National Forest
Nepal’s first and most popular national park. The park is heavily populated by animal species, including the Bengal Tiger. Lodges are available throughout this beautiful park.

Mount Everest
Located in the Mahalangur section of the Himalayas. The Earth’s highest mountain is a rock climber’s dream. The mountain stands at 8,848 meters high above sea level. Anyone planning to go climb must be aware of climate conditions and altitude sickness.

Sagarmatha National Park
This one of a kind park was established in 1976. Nicknamed Mount Everest, Sagarmatha is the highest national park in the world. Visitors can enjoy a nice nature hike. They may also catch a glance of wildlife such as Red Pandas, Black Deers and Snow Leopards.

Makalu Barun National Park
Perfect for jeep safari, camping and bird watching.Makalu is mostly remote wilderness favored by mountaineers and biologist. 400 species of birds and 3, adt home security knoxville tn,128 species of plants have been recorded to inhabit this park.

Kali Gandaki River
Enjoy white water rafting through the Kali Gandaki River.The thrilling ride can also take you to some amazing parks and villages in Nepal. The river even flows through Nepal’s bordering country India.

Nepal is treasured for its sights, its people and its culture. Making your first trip can be truly life changing.